Tokires review, guide & tips (yes, all cramped up in 1 post)

Tokimeki Restaurant/ Tokires

ときめきレストラン☆☆☆ /ときレス

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Tokires is arguably the best, most awesome FREE (with in-app purchase) otome game in the appstore. I have been addicted to this game since it came out on White Day! I’m almost level 60 now and have completed all known events and obtained known all recipes.  v(^ワ^*)I AM REALLY ADDICTED!! My biggest wish now is that this game gets a PSP port! As usual, Konami’s graphics are awesome, the bgm is nice (but sadly there is only 1 track unless you got the code from the pre-release event), the best thing is… LIVE2D!! The 2D ikemens actually move around! YES THEY MOVE! The movements are smooth and isn’t awkward like some 3D iphone games (*cough* zettai star *coughs*). Tokires is set in Habataki City like the GS series, sadly, none of the main cast from GS series makes cameo in this game. You will probably see a lot of people naming their café珊瑚礁/ ALUCARD, after the cafés in the GS series~

The story starts when our heroine arrives at Habataki City, where she will be starting work in a café under the guidance of the café’s owner/Master/resident stalker. (He likes to stand behind the customers and nod at them.Σ(・oノ)ノ) The special thing about this café is that the idol production company, Prince Rep.’s, dorm is nearby, and the 2 newly debuted boy groups, 3 Majesty and X.I.P. (pronounced e-gu-ji-pu) are regulars of the café. YAY HERE COMES LIVE2D x UTAPRI x RESTARUANT CITY!

Essence of Master’s wise introduction guide:

master face “There is a weird idol production company’s dorm nearby, and the youngsters there often come to the shop. Although they are not good boys but they are still regular patrons. So, DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY!!!”

Heeding Master’s wise advice, we just gotta catch ‘em all! Yes, you can actually go after everyone’s events at the same time.



3 Majesty


Otowa Shinnosuke
Live2D make Shinnosuke seriously irresistible! His movements are SO ADORABLE! I love it when he looks away and looks back at you! I can’t stop using exclamation mark because he is just so awesome!

Shinnosuke is the ‘mysterious’ prince of sweets, half the time I’m unsure whether he is joking or telling the truth. He likes birds, sleeping and he can talk to dolphins? When Kaito asked him why he doesn’t reveal any information about himself and Shinnosuke answered that it’s because he is really a prince. (*´-ω-`)





Kirishima Tsukasa

3 Majesty’s leader and producer, he is the all-rounder type. Being both intellectual and sporty, he appeared in national karate competitions and devises strategies for 3 Majesty (and bugging everyone to go for secret strategic meetings). Tsukasa is currently juggling both his idol career and attending university. His likes to watch movie and read.







Tsuji Kaito

Kaito likes to draw and eat delicious things, he can also cook! He is the youngest in 3 Majesty, so Tsukasa added in their profile that he is like the younger brother, of course he doesn’t take it well. (ノc_,・ ) He came up first place in Prince Rep.’s auditions. He is a tsunDERE! I can’t really tell the difference between tsun/kuu/dan but I know he is DERE, he blushes all the time, and he is like the display model of how blushing looks cute on live2D.







Fuwa Kento

The Muscle man.

Kento worked as a model until Kyoya invited him to join X.I.P., he is the Big Guy of the team. As Shinnosuke pointed out, Kento is the ‘adorable’ guy in X.I.P., he is the tough guy with a soft, fluffy core, and he is afraid of dogs. (・д・`*) He says the nicest things amongst the guys when your shop is empty. (Toru will sometimes laugh at you when your shop is empty)





Date Kyoya

Kyoya is the charao, lady’s man and the flirt in every otome game who has a special nickname for the heroine. (Kyoya’s one is waruiko-chan/bad girl-chan) Personally, I find that he is a very fun guy to be around. Kyoya may appear flirty and flippant but he is actually very responsible and dependable, being the leader who holds X.I.P. together. He is trained in dancing, singing, acting since young, but he was barred from joining the entertainment industry until recently due a certain accident.





Kanzaki Toru

Toru is Kento’s childhood friend, and was invited to join X.I.P. by Kento. Toru is the namaiki koakuma type. One simply cannot resist Toru’s cute blushing face, live2Dヾ(*・ω・)ノbanzai! I just can’t put Toru’s adorableness into words, he might appear cocky and unreasonable but it’s really just his way of showing his affections.







Guide & Tips:

Note: Please be aware that some information here is only speculation; this guide is written through trial and error and exchange of information with other players. I must apologize beforehand if I get anything wrong in content or translations, my language skills are bad, really bad. Also, tokires seems to be frequently changing content information (such as the event names), therefore I strong regret if I am unable to keep up to the most current data. Lastly, please refrain from reproducing this guide anywhere else without my consent.


05/04/13 → Improved the exclusive events section, updated reputation

29/05/13 → Added recipe guide link and weekly updates from 28/05

01/08/13 → Updated maximum layout size


Recipe Guide
Weekly Updates
Fever mode
Number of seats
Recommended food
Weekly maintenance
Updates to come




layoutmenu options menu message menu help menu friends



Recipe Guide

Press here for the recipe guide! c:


Weekly Updates

I will be following up with the weekly updates every Tuesday from 28/05! c:

Here are the links to the weekly updates:




Fever mode

Suddenly you see a ring of stars around your icon and a mob of people trying to cram into your café. FEVER MODE! The greatest benefit of the fever mode is that the energy required to cook dishes is HALVED. Fever mode is triggered by presents from the customers, using the item “声かけ/koekake/ calling out” (the red thing you find in the second tab in the items menu) or after a skinship mode. The normal fever mode will last until 5 people (excluding idols) enter the café, while the ones from skinship modes will only last for 3 people.

*** To lengthen the duration of the fever mode, you can either:

  • Block off the entrance, the customers will take some time to exclaim that there are no seats and there cause a slight congestion at the door. However, beware that your friends won’t be able to dine at your café if block off the entrance.
  • Since idols don’t count towards the number of people and they take their own sweet time at the entrance and walk real slow, you can always wait until the idol approaching sign pops up before using the koekake item.
  • I came up with this method by experiment. This can keep fever mode up for quite a long time, I don’t know if it is the most efficient method but when done correctly I can cook up to around 15 dishes.
  1. Wait until the idol approaching sign comes up. approaching
  2. Reduce the number of seats in your café, I usually work with 1 seat. As long as the guy isn’t already at your door, he will be still approaching your café even after you change your layout. (You can do step 2 before step 1, but this might affect your reputation and you might need to wait longer for idols to appear.)
  3.  Build a labyrinth/obstacle course, as complicated as you can, but be sure that 1 seat is accessible. IMG_0833
  4. Use the koekake item. Most of the time for me, there is 1~2 customer who come before the idol. The customer will happily walk to the seat, since idols won’t leave your café even when it’s full, they will stone at the door and wait until the customer is finished.

To maximize the duration, you should work with 1 seat and do step 1 before attempting step 2. This method is making using of the fact idols don’t leave your café when you have accessible seats in your café, so you must have at least 1 seat in your café.

Notes: Fever mode only disappears after 5 people enters your café, so even if you change layout, eat at other’s café or close the app before 5 people enters your café, the fever mode should remain for some time, however I am unsure of how long the effect is preserved. This is also the case for idols approaching signs, unless the idol is at your door before or exactly at the moment you switch away.




I find that the guys tend to come more often when you cook the food they like, here is a list of low energy food to use as bait for each of them:

Tsukasa: Tonic water/トニックウォーター -8 energy +3 flowers

Shinnosuke: Vanilla ice-cream (cone)/ バニラアイス(コーン) -8 energy +3 flowers

Cake muffin/ケーキマフィン-8 energy +3 flowers

Kaito: Cheesecake (cut)/ チーズケーキ(カット) –16 energy +3 flowers

Mitarashi dango/みたらし団子 -8 energy +2 flowers

Tonic water/トニックウォーター -8 energy +2 flowers

Kento: Gyudon/牛丼-13 energy + 3 flowers

Kyoya: Yakitori/焼き鳥-13 energy +3 flowers

Hamburger/ハンバーガー-14 energy + 3 flowers

Toru: Cola/コーラ-8 energy +2 flowers (for 3 flowers, the dishes are all 25 energy and above: Spicy Fried Rice, Mapo Tofu etc.)



Skinship mode

After seeing 5 events, you will be given 24 hours to activate this. It consist of 3 stages, as the name suggest you molest poke the bishies, and listen to some wonder sounds. (*´∀`*)

Stage 1: Tap 3 pink hearts before they disappear to fill a heart on the top left hand corner. Fill 3 hearts to proceed to the next stage. Either tapping the blue hearts or not tapping the pink heart before it disappears will cause you to fill a blue heart, and filling 3 blue hearts will cause you to fail…

Stage 2: Like stage 1 you have to tap hearts, but this time round you have to tap 5 pink hearts to fill a heart, and you will need to fill 5 hearts to go to the next stage.

Stage 3: Congratulations! This stage is freestyle, so you can tap/stroke/rub/molest the guys to your hearts content before you white out! ( //∇// )

At the end of stage 3 you will gain 25 energy and a short fever mode, considering that you sat through 5 events x 5 energy + 5 energy to activate skinship mode, you just spent 5 energy to activate a fever mode that can most likely only allow you to cook 1 dish. So use it well! It is speculated that some events require a certain number of skinship mode to be unlocked.





Album events are widely speculated to be dependant on the player’s level, number of skinship mode played and the character’s affection level. Affection level is refers to the presumed gauge of relationship  points gained by idols from eating in your café, viewing events and playing skinship mode.

Here are some symptoms you might encounter:

a)      No matter how much you feed them, the heart just won’t pop up.

b)      You get the heart popping up on their heads but you keep getting the same few non-album events.

Character exclusive events/専用クエスト:

There are certain exclusive quest that requires you to learn new recipes or gain a certain number of☆s. Here is the list of recipes encountered and information on how to unlock the recipes.


1 Unlock Thai Curry/タイカレー recipe Automatically unlocked once you reach level 5
2 1☆ in Dandan noodles/担々麺 Dumplings/ 餃子1☆→ Fried Rice/炒飯1☆→ Ramen (Soya sauce)/ラーメン(醤油) 2 ☆
3 1☆ in Omurice/オムライス Unlocked by reaching 2 ☆s in Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ
4 1☆in Exclusive Ebi Chili (Kamizaki)/特製激辛エビチリ(神崎用) Dumplings/ 餃子2☆→normal Ebi Chilli/エビチリ3☆
5 1☆ in Mapo Tofu/麻婆豆腐 Dumplings/ 餃子1☆→Fried rice/チャーハン2☆
6 1☆ in Super Spicy Fried rice/ 激辛チャーハン Dumplings/ 餃子1☆→ Fried rice/チャーハン3 ☆


1 Unlock Cupcake/カップケーキ recipe Unlocked by reaching in 1 ☆ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ
2 1☆ in Shiokouji Cheesecake (cut) /塩麹チーズケーキ(カット) Cupcake/カップケーキ2☆→ Cheesecake (cut)/ チーズケーキ(カット)2 ☆
3 1☆ in Donuts/ドーナツ Aglio e oli/ペペロンチーノ 1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆
4 1☆in Exclusive Cake muffin (Otowa)/特製ケーキマフィン(音羽用) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→  Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆→ Cake muffin/ケーキマフィン3 ☆
5 1☆ in Vanilla icecream (cone)/ バニラアイス(コーン) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆
6 1☆ in Super Jumbo Parfait/スーパージャンボパフェ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆→ Vanilla Parfait/ バニラパフェ3☆


1 Unlock Margherita/マルゲリータ recipe Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ2☆→ Egg Muffin/エッグマフィン1 ☆
2 1☆ in Cheese Curry/チーズカレー Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ2☆→Beef Curry/ビーフカレー 3☆
3 1☆ in Tomato Spaghetti/トマトスパゲティ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ2☆→ Spaghetti Pasta (Cream)/スープパスタ(クリーム) 2☆
4 1☆ in Exclusive Gratin (Tsuji)/特製グラタン(辻用) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ2☆→ Sausage combo platter/ソーセージ盛り合わせ2☆→ Gratin/グラタン2 ☆
5 1☆ in Apple Pie/アップルパイ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆
6 1☆ in Special Cheese Fondue/ 特製チーズフォンデュ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ2☆→ Sausage combo platter/ソーセージ盛り合わせ2☆→ Cheese Fondue/チーズフォンデュ3☆


1 Unlock Takoyaki/たこ焼き recipe Salt rice ball/塩むすび1☆→ Okonomiyaki/お好み焼き2 ☆
2 1☆ in Ramen (Soya sauce)/ ラーメン(醤油) Dumplings/ 餃子1☆→Fried rice/チャーハン2☆
3 1☆ in Bitter Pudding/ビタープリン Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→  Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆→ Cake muffin/ケーキマフィン3 ☆→Pudding/プリン2☆
4 1☆in Exclusive Hamburger (Date)/特製ハンバーガー(伊達用) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ 2☆ → Egg Muffin/ エッグマフィン 1☆ → Homemade Jam bread/手作りジャムパン 1☆ → Hamburger/ハンバーガー3☆
5 1☆ in Chocolate icecream (cone)/チョコアイス(コーン) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆→ Vanilla icecream (cone)/バニラアイス(コーン) 2☆
6 1☆ in Yakitori/焼き鳥 Salt rice ball/塩むすび1☆→ Karaage/唐揚げ2 ☆


1 Unlock Salad/サラダ recipe Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ1☆
2 1☆ in Special Hotdog/特製ホットドッグ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ 2☆ → Egg Muffin/ エッグマフィン 1☆ → Homemade Jam bread/手作りジャムパン 1☆ → Hotdog/ホットドッグ 2☆
3 1☆ in Bagna càuda/バーニャカウダ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ1☆→ Salad/サラダ3 ☆
4 1☆ in Exclusive Pot-au-fe (Kirishima)/特製ポトフ(霧島用) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ2☆→ Sausage combo platter/ソーセージ盛り合わせ2☆→ Corn Soup/コーンスープ2☆→ Pot-au-fe/ポトフ3 ☆
5 1☆ in Herb Salad/ハーブのサラダ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ1☆→ Salad/サラダ3 ☆
6 1☆ in Unagi Terrine/うなぎのテリーヌ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ2☆→ Sausage combo platte/ソーセージ盛り合わせ2☆→ Ratatouilleラタトゥイユ2☆


1 Unlock Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ recipe Unlocked by reaching in 1 ☆ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ
2 1☆ in Bitter Cupcake/ビターカップケーキ Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→Cupcake/カップケーキ3☆
3 1☆ in Katsu Curry/カツカレー Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ2☆→Beef Curry/ビーフカレー 3☆
4 1☆ in Exclusive Jumbo Steak (Fuwa)/特製ジャンボステーキ(不破用) Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→ Salisbury steak/ハンバーグ ハンバーグ2☆→  Jumbo Steak (Fuwa)/ジャンボステー 3☆
5 1☆ in Yakiniku/焼肉 Salt rice ball/塩むすび1☆→ Karaage/唐揚げ2 ☆
6 1☆ in Pudding/プリン Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ1☆→  Cupcake/カップケーキ1☆→ Cake muffin/ケーキマフィン3 ☆


Number of seats

The number of accessible seats you have in the café affects the number of customers. Although a big restaurant with more seats looks awesome, a smaller one is easier to manage.

1~5 seats: Food won’t disappear so fast, energy conserving. During fever mode and high reputation, café won’t be able to accommodate the customers so reputation tends to drop.

* Useful for tackling events due to the fact that idol won’t leave even when the café is full.

6~12 seats: Food disappears at moderate speed, slightly energy conserving, more likely to accommodate all customers during fever and high reputation.

13~60 seats: Food disappears fast, energy consuming, able to accommodate all customers even during fever mode and high reputation.

*Useful for leveling up recipes as food goes down very fast.




The higher the tier of reputation you are in, the more customers you receive and the more often idols visit your café. To increase your reputation, you should serve a variety of dishes and enough seats for your customers. The flowers from customers after a meal increases the invisible reputation gauge.

blue face

Blue: I didn’t even know this face existed until I fell asleep playing recently. Yes, I fell asleep playing, now you now how hardcore I am.(ノ_`ヽ)


purple facePurple: Either you force feed everyone a single unpopular dish or houchi play on everyone. How to redeem yourself? Close the app, restart the game and you will be back on the green face.


green faceGreen: The default tier.


yellow faceYellow: More people visit your restaurant.


pink face Pink: People love your restaurant and swarm in like bees.





Recommended food

Have you seen the orange “イチオシ” sign your recipe list? That is the recommended food that changed once a week after maintenance. From my observations customers are more likely to order the dish, personally I didn’t really feel much effect but cooking recommended food is rumored to increase your shop reputation faster or bring more customers.

Also, they make good filler foods to reduce the speed normal customers chomp down on that high energy food you are saving for your friends or the idols.




The maximum space you can have currently is 15 x 15. That is equivalent 30 wallpaper pieces and 225 floor pieces.



Not enough energy? No problem! What are friends for? They are here to recover yourenergy! Once a day, you can eat out at each of your friend’s restaurant, the energy gained is equivalent to the energy spent to cook that dish, so eat up all those energy costly dishes and cook up high energy dishes for your friends! You can gain friends by sending out friend request to random players (customers with green words on their heads, tap them and select the second option) or by exchanging friend codes with people. As you level up, the number of friends you can have will also increase!


Weekly Maintenance

It happens every Tuesday from to 14:00~18:00 (GMT +9), service normally resumes slightly before 6pm. For the hardcore players: Remember to use up all your energy before the maintenance!!



Saitou-kun(?)/Nanpa: If you have played any of the Tokimeki Memorial GS games, you might remember the guy trying to pick you up when you wait for your guy during a date. Apparently he is called Saitou, graduated from Habataki Gakuen and couldn’t get into his desired university so he dropped out and started doing some suspicious catch sales. Although whenever he appears he seems to be scouting you to join AKB48 or something.

Dolphin Ruka: Remember Ruka from GS3? In GS3 itself, there are already quite a few reference between Ruka and dolphins. Dolphins are called iruka in Japanese, when you write it like: iRuka, it looks like some new Apple product. Anyways, in an event with Kyoya, they are watching a dolphin show and the announcer introduced a dolphin with the same name as the main guy of GS3. While Sakurai Ruka jumps down from high places, Dolphin Ruka catches everyone’s attention by jumping up really high which allows Kyoya to steal a kiss from the heroine.(●´艸`)


Updates to come

I am thinking of adding a furniture guide with pictures! c: If you have any suggestions and requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

27 thoughts on “Tokires review, guide & tips (yes, all cramped up in 1 post)

  1. OMG really appreciate this guide! It really helps me in playing right now. Thanky you so muchhh for making this guide < im going for tsukasa and was wondering how to get recipe of hot dog 😦 cos his 2nd quest need 2☆ in hot dog and now i dont even have hot dog recipe D:

    • I’m glad it helped!ヾ(。・ω・。)ノ゙ For Tsukasa quest 2 hotdog is unlock by: Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ 2☆ → Egg Muffin/ エッグマフィン 1☆ → Homemade Jam bread/手作りジャムパン 1☆ → Hotdog/ホットドッグ 2☆ -> Special Hotdog
      Sorry for being unclear!

    • hello! Sadly, the time period to enter the codes you get pre-release event (to get the bgm) has already ended :c just in case if you were referring to friend code then mine is: 4251-9609-0163-8481 c:

  2. I got that blue face before bc I fell asleep playing too haha thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been trying to translate everything (quests) by myself and its so hard and takes a long time (Kanji gives me headache). Do you think quest 6 on each guys is the last one? AND OMG a Ruka ref?? ///runs to check Kyoya’s events. wouldn’t be amazing if the TMGS3 boys visits our restaurant or something? XD

    • Haha IKR! and I’m not much of a foodie so katakana for foreign food like Pot-au-fe gives me an even bigger headache than kanji (´;ω;`) Currently quest 6 is the last one, I really hope they will add more in future updates, there are only 4 album events after quest 6 + 1 omotenashi event for 3 Majesty now. Yupp I was surprised that they mentioned Ruka! It should be the event ‘ショーに紛れて’. GS3 guys! (ノ≧∇≦)ノHow awesome will it be if we can feed Ruka hot cakes or feed Niina Habataki mix juice!

    • Hello c:
      You will need to get 2☆ in Aglio e olio/ペペロンチーノ, the spaghetti thing also the 1st recipe under your western menu (which you automatically unlock after you reach level 3)
      hope that helped c:

      • Oh that One, ahaha, I thought it was dessert, thanks! it helps…

        Could you post more of the guide for unlocking menus? It would be much help,


  3. Thank you so much for this. I can’t hardly understand japanese but I can figure out what they are saying xD
    I really had a a hard time to find the apk of this hame since I live in EU.
    Now you make my gaming experience easier !! (I don’t have to try funny things blindly in the game xDD)
    Hmmm…. Can i go after all the guys at same TIME ??? ‘Cause I’m actually doing this :3 Such a bad girl I know xD

  4. It’s me again !!
    I forgot to ask you, can you explain the versus mode icons ? I keep loosing -.-
    How can I go to friends house, and how can I add a friend code ? Can I buy gems in EU or not ?
    Thx thx thx !!! (I remember those questions under my shower, nothing else to think about *///*)

    • Hellos c: Yup you can go after all guys at the same time!
      For the versus mode, I will put up a picture guide soon, it’s kind of hard to explain it in words > <
      To go to your friend's house, press おでかけ/Visting (aka the third red button from the left) and select the friend you want to visit, after that you press the はいる(enter, red button on the bottom left hand corner) your character will walk into the shop and sit down (providing your friend didn't block the path/ the shop isn't full), you have to press the yellow button on the bottom left hand corner (食事) for the menu to appear and whatever your friend has cooked will appear, you select the highest energy food on the menu and eat it to replenish you energy c: however if your energy is already full, there will be a pop up telling you that you can't replenish anymore!
      I had no trouble purchasing gems from Singapore on my iphone, but I was using a Japanese itunes account :/

  5. Thank you SO much for this helpful guide! I was wondering, how do you unlock tonic water? I’ve been focusing so much on the meals, I’ve forgotten to try to complete the drinks menu. ;_____;

  6. Do i get furniture from quests/level up? the icons with furniture pop up when i finish a quest but i don’t know what it says 😦

    • icons with furniture pops up after you finish a quest = either you unlocked the furniture or you got 1 for free c:
      you can unlock furniture from quest and some from leveling up too!

  7. What happens if u have the pre release event code? Also could u also do a guide for some of the quests?

    • You can unlocked extra BGM tracks from the pre release event code, sadly the event is long over. I have written guides for the recipe quest, I will try to do a guide for the other quest when I have the time!c:

  8. Hello! I’m also from Singapore! Just started on the game ytd. My biases are Shin and Tsukasa 🙂

    I figured I have obtained some free furnitures completing some quests but I can’t find them in the interface. 😦 Can help?

    Btw, how did u manage to buy from Singapore using a japan iTunes acct? I’m also using jp acct.

    Thanks and a wonderful guide so far 🙂

    • Hi! Wow glad to know there are otome gamers in Singapore! c: Which furniture quest did you complete? The furniture should have been sent straight to the furniture menu, you should see x1 at the bottom, have you tried looking in all the categories? 😡 Yup, I used a japan iTunes account too! Thanks! c: Glad it was of any use~

      • Hello I’ve managed to locate the furnitures. They are there all along. Silly me hahaha~~
        Regarding the jp itunes acct, I can’t buy anything since I dun have a japan credit card. Since u mentioned that u managed to buy things off from there, just wonder how u do that, cos I wanna buy gems in TokiRes too~ Hope you can help.

      • Haha that’s greats c: yup you can buy a japanese iTunes gift card online. Be careful though, only a Japanese gift card can be redeemed in a Japan iTunes account.

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